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As the old saying goes, “kitchens and bathrooms are what sell houses.” And it’s true that these areas are the first to appear outdated or dingy when you walk into a space. As a result, almost every homeowner has contemplated refinishing their kitchen or bathroom cabinets—but it’ a big, messy job. Luckily we can handle it for you.

There is nothing that can make a kitchen appear grimy and outdated like dark wood cabinets. And even newer cabinets can suffer from grease and grime build-up that you don’t even notice until you scrub an area hard. With all the nooks and crannies in a typical kitchen or bath, the task of sanding and repainting is daunting.

Correctly done, repainting cabinetry involves more than just a fresh coat of paint, and far more equipment than just a paintbrush. We will remove your cabinet doors and sand down all surfaces so that paint adheres correctly without peeling. We’ll spray the surfaces with primer and paint so that the paint is smooth and even. What might’ve taken you months of slow work on weekends can be finished by our team in no time at all, and you’ll have a kitchen or bath that looks like you just had it newly installed without lifting a finger--and at a fraction of the price.

Call us now at (918) 729-6080 for a free quote or to discuss how we can quickly update the look of your kitchen and bath with much less expense than a full remodel.

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