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Base Coat Painting works with commercial contractors, project managers, architects, and interior designers on small- and large-scale commercial construction and remodeling projects throughout northeast Oklahoma.

We recognize the importance of completing jobs to spec and on time. We know the frustration of watching large-scale commercial construction jobs go awry due to poor communication or delays of a single subcontractor, starting a domino effect of problems on your project. Our company prides itself on its organization and great communication with contractors.

Base Coat Painting works with multi-family residential projects such as apartment complexes, condo neighborhoods, and HOAs to ensure that the exterior appearance of the properties that you manage are consistent, code compliant, and fresh. We ensure that painting is done in accordance with bylaws, codes, and specifications so that the appearance of your complex, neighborhood, or subdivision is consistent and fresh on every corner.

We provide interior and exterior painting services for hotels, educational facilities, churches, retail establishments, stores, restaurants, and offices. We work with clients who own multi-property franchise businesses across northeast Oklahoma so that you can work easily with one company to refresh and maintain all of your properties.

Call us now at (918) 729-6080 for a free quote or to discuss your commercial painting needs.

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