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The popularity of outdoor living areas has increased dramatically over the past decade. However, faded, graying, and splintering wood surfaces and fencing will reduce your use and enjoyment of these areas. The rule of thumb is that decks and fences should be stained every five years and sealed every two to three years. Have you performed this maintenance? If not, it probably shows.

If your deck or wood fence has reached the point where you’re afraid to touch them for fear of splinters, we can help. A full replacement isn’t necessary. We can sand and power wash your existing deck or fence to smooth uneven wood grain. Then we can refinish your deck, railings and fence with fresh new stain and sealer.

The stain color of your choice will make your deck or fence look like the day it was built, and sealer will ensure that your wood lasts for many years to come, protecting against insects and the elements, and renewing your investment without the expense of rebuilding or replacing.

Call us now at (918) 729-6080 for a free quote or to discuss how we can help you protect your outdoor investments.

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