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Residential painting jobs often involve multiple small components such as popcorn removal, repair or replacement of sheetrock, baseboards and trim, soffit and dry rot repair for exterior projects--all in addition to actual painting. Approaching these issues can be overwhelming, but luckily we can handle them all at once.

We have had beautiful results updating the exterior of traditional brown or red brick homes with fresh white paint and dark gray or black trim to make a dated house look brand new and modern. This “modern farmhouse” look can be obtained with your older traditional-style home more easily than you’d think, and without the expense and hassle of major exterior renovations.

As any good contractor knows, the quality of a job is all in the prep work. Many painting companies will be happy to provide you with a paint job that simply covers up larger problems without addressing them. This works cosmetically for a short period, but won’t stand the test of time.

We know that paint is simply the finishing touch on a well-prepared surface. We will do all the preparation work to make sure that your interior or exterior space is fully primed and ready before we take the final step of painting. With Base Coat Painting, you won’t have to juggle multiple contractors to get the job done right the first time.

Call us now at (918) 729-6080 for a free quote or to discuss your residential painting needs.

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