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Repairing stucco is an art requiring skill and experience. Cracked, crumbling, or damaged stucco can expose your structure to serious risk of moisture and insect damage and should be addressed promptly. But any stucco repair needs to match the existing stucco color and texture or you risk an unsightly result.

Properly applied stucco can last for generations. Unfortunately, stucco that has been mixed incorrectly, applied incorrectly, or even stucco that has dried and cured under the wrong exterior temperature or humidity level risks cracks, crumbles, and weaknesses that can seriously threaten the integrity of the underlying structure.

We have experience applying and repairing areas of damaged stucco. We will remove the areas of damaged material and inspect the underlying wood lath supports for damage. Then we’ll install new stucco, being sure to carefully match the texture of the existing surrounding stucco. After an appropriate length of curing time, we’ll come back to paint the area so that the patch isn’t visible.

Don’t wait to repair areas of damaged stucco—stucco is much more than a cosmetic finish. Allowing damaged stucco to go unaddressed can cause much bigger problems down the road. Call us now at (918) 729-6080 for a free quote or to discuss your stucco concerns.

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